Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing, I’m sure many of you have heard of it before, and many of you probably think it’s old school marketing, you’re probably thinking of heading to the local networking events around your area. But, I’m not talking about relationship marketing of the old days, Relationship marketing like many core marketing tactics never gets old, they just become useful again on new marketing platforms of the current day at hand. So let’s talk about the best ways to do relationship marketing in this day and age.

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There are many ways to do relationship marketing these days with the power of Web 2.0. With many different social sites of the world like Facebook, Myspace, Linkdin, and the many 1000s of others, relationship marketing has been renewed and has become very easy to do on the web. And you don’t have to limit yourself to just the name brand social sites “to say” like Facebook and Myspace, there are many social sites out there that are based on and cover all types of topics of business industries, like there are stock social sites, entertainment social sites, marketing social sites, automotive social sites, etc, and etc. The main concept is that your niche market can be found at many of these social sites, basically just hanging around waiting for your product of interest to be relationship marketed to them.

The best way to do relationship marketing once you reach these sites is not to just try and pitch to every person you come across. That’s a fast way to just get ignored. The best to approach network marketing on Web 2.0 sites is to give, ‘I Repeat GIVE” complementary information or news about your product in a helpful way, and let the prospects of interest come to you strictly based upon their interest in your informational content. Of course you can add friends and join groups, but provide information and let the prospect’s interest come to you, don’t sales attack people.

Network Marketing ins another form of relationship marketing where you connect with people in person and give out your business card for your particular product and service. A popular network marketing company right now that has great training is in the skincare niche. More information on what, check out my Neora review and read it all the way to the end.

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